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Spotlight: Terra Kin

I stumbled across Terra Kin’s music on a cloudy wintery afternoon, and felt instantly comforted by her meditative, soulful jams.

Whilst you can imagine any of Terra Kin’s music as a backdrop to any candlelit jazz bar- which there is no shortage of in Scotland, from where she hails- the artist seems to have mastered a magic fusion of acoustic and ambient soundscapes. The artist says: 

“I actually hate any kind of categories, genre or labels, even in terms of my identity. It’s just kind of like, does it have to be this spelt-out thing?
I feel like we’re all just a product of our surroundings.”

Flames perfectly demonstrates this, with muted swirls of electronic sounds, traditional jazz and blues, cleanly cut with a raw and authentic vocal over an acoustic guitar. The result is a rich, but seemingly minimal sound, created by layers of different influences- some complex, some barely even noticeable. And isn’t that a perfect personification of the human experience!? Terra explains: 

“‘Flames’ is about facing the blunt reality of having to end a relationship. It’s that very fine line between feeling like the bad guy and allowing yourself to burn away and rise up from the ashes. In a state of self-deprecation but also liberation at the same time. I definitely feel like the villain a lot in my songwriting or at least depict myself in that way…it’s cathartic though, it allows me to accept that I will, and do, make mistakes.”

Terra’s music is honest and forthright, whilst sensitive and compassionate. Every track is like a warm hug, that guides you on a journey of introspection. Flames in particular conveys such strength in the acceptance of human vulnerability. Check it out below!

Terra Kin (a.k.a. Hannah Findlay) is making waves. She has already supported shows with Kokoroko, Arlo Parks and Thundercat, AND appeared on Fred again…’s 2021 project, ‘Actual Life 2’. See: Hannah (the sun). Definitely one to watch in 2023.

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